Skin Care Regimens By Skin Type

Daub but don’t rub. Stroke but do not wipe. Massage but do not squeeze. Caress but do not dandle. It is important that you apply the Prematurely-Aged skin product to skin when it is warm but not hot or cold. Do not apply Prematurely-Aged product without first taking temperature with the subdermal thermometer (not included). Face/Off Skin: Remove face.
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Skin Care Industry Gives Back—November 2013

Michael Q. Pugliese

Circadia by Dr. Pugliese recently donated a basket of products to the first annual Pretty and Paws event, helping to raise more than $5,000 for the Animal Rescue League of Berks County in conjunction with the Bell Tower Salon, Medi-Spa and Store in Wyomissing, PA. 800-630-4710, The South Shore Skin Center, with locations in Cohasset and Plymouth, MA, donated $3,000 to The One Fund Boston, Inc. in an effort to support the people most affected by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon. The money was raised from a percentage of the profits from retail products sold and cosmetic treatments. 508-747-0711, In August, Eminence Organic Skin Care celebrated the milestone of planting one million trees for its ongoing Forests for the Future initiative, in which the company plants a tree for every retail product sold. To commemorate the occasion, Eminence team members joined company president and founder, Boldijarre Koronczay, to invite people in Robsen Square in downtown Vancouver to give hugs for trees, resulting in 500 more trees being planted.
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Pore Care that Prevents Skin Troubles

When this happens, what you need is pore cleansing. There are various types of pore cleansing products such as peeling gel, scrubs and clay type wash-off. According to your skin type, remove dirt from skin at least once a week. In scrub type, there are tiny grains that cleanse dead skin cells, but since they might irritate skin, its recommended to use 1~2 times per month. In addition, scrub type is mostly great for those who have oily skin type.
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Thanks To Per-fekt Beauty It’s Possible To Have Per-fekt Skin For The Holidays

Pamper your skin this winter

Per-fekt skin perfection conceal blends perfectly, looks and feels silky smooth, and natural. It comes in the following shades: luminous A very light, natural shade. Ideal for fair skin tones radiant A medium beige tone. Ideal for fair to medium skin tones rich A warm tan shade. Ideal for olive or dark skin tones decadent A deep mahogany shade. Ideal for darker or African American kin tones Skin Perfection CC Creme is a definite must-have, because it contains Broad Spectrum SPF 30 which should be used all year round.
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7 Ingredients People with Sensitive Skin Must Avoid

If you have any beauty dilemma you would like them to answer, you can e-mail them there too. Visit their website, , to source any of the products mentioned below online and for lots more information, tips and exclusive offers. Q My fine hair is looking lacklustre and limp. I really want something to give it more oomph and shine before the holidays. What do you suggest? A Real change to hair, skin and nails takes time but there is so much you can do to give it body and gloss pretty well instantly. We suggest: If you havent had your hair cut recently, get a good trim. Limp hair is often a tad too long so the weight drags it down.
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Drink coconut water for glowing skin

If you want healthy skin during winter, it is important to follow a regimen that suits your skin. For example, someone with oily skin should not use a deep nourishing cream; it’s for someone with dry skin.” Oily skin Use an oil-free moisturiser: Since your skin is already greasy, go for a lotion that is non-oily. Choose gel or water-based moisturisers that keep your skin nourished without making it too greasy. Exfoliate: Exfoliate every alternate day. Use a good granulating gel that contains vitamin E it will keep your complexion fresh. Avoid using petroleum jelly: Since your skin already secretes oil, you should not use petroleum jelly. Instead, go for glycerin, which will not make your skin oily but will protect it from cracking. Normal or combination skin A good moisturising lotion is a must: Use a good hydrating lotion.
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Urban Decay Naked 3

The effect of diet is seriously underestimated in beauty care. While consumption of fruits and fruit juices is said to be good for the skin, it is best to avoid oily and masala rich foods. While orange juice has been voted the best for skin, not many are aware of the benefits of coconut water when it comes to skin care. The liquid, considered the purest one after water, hydrates the skin, making it look more youthful and supple. Studies say that the antioxidants and cytokinins present in coconut water have an age defying effect on skin. The nutritious value of the drink has always been acknowledged. If you are feeling weak or have stomach problems, drink coconut water for an energy boost.
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Beauty Bible beauty clinic: How can I boost my limp locks for the party season?

Percy & Reed Volumising Shampoo

5. Comedogens: Comedogenic ingredients – found in makeup, sunscreens and other skin products – may produce comedones (blackheads) or acne in adults who use them. Among these are: Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Potassium Chloride. 6. Amioda-Amine Surfactants: Some of the newer washing ingredients don’t contain known irritant sodium lauryl sulfate but many have surfactants instead, which are allergens. Examples of these include: Cocamidopropylbetaine, Dimethylaminopropylamine, Oleamidopropyldimethylamine, and Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine. 7.
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Espa Optimal Skin Proserum

Dr. Benabio recommends using disposable sponges whenever possible, since so many of us forget to regularly clean our brushes (guilty!). “People don’t think about the bacteria that can lurk on them,” he warns. Flickr photo by Jorg Weingrill Moisturizer No surprise here — products meant to hydrate your skin are full of, you guessed it, water. The more water in a product, the better chance bacteria have of breeding and surviving, according to Discovery Health. Lipstick Or Gloss The water content in wet lip products ups the risk of spreading germs, so Good Housekeeping recommends tossing after two years.
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7 Smart skincare products to revive dull skin

Broken makeup

Harmsworth is the creator of ESPA and had just traveled from The Joule , which is home to the first ESPA branded spa in Texas. The former Vogue magazine writer chatted about the launch of a few ESPA products. Her vision is simple, quality products that are natural and deliver excellent results. Sue Harmsworth travels the world to far lands to learn about new cutting edge treatments she can use in her luxurious spas. I was giving a few products at the breakfast, including a bottle of ESPA Optimal Skin Proserum ($85).
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Athleta Revelation Pant

Pregnant or nursing women should not use products containing salicylic acid. Hydroquinone Skin care products containing hydroquinone are often called bleaching creams or lightening agents. These skin care products are used to lighten hyperpigmentation , such as age spots and dark spots related to pregnancy or hormone therapy (also called melasma). Some over-the-counter skin care products contain hydroquinone. Your doctor can also prescribe a product with a higher concentration of hydroquinone if your skin doesn’t respond to over-the-counter treatments. If you are allergic to hydroquinones, you can use products containing kojic acid instead. Pregnant women cannot use hydroquinone. Kojic Acid Kojic acid is a more recent remedy for treating pigment problems and age spots.
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Understanding Skin Care Products

skin care products

View the List View all 7 photos Think of the skin as layers of complexities rather than just a topical surface. It takes many moments including a blend of stress, daily skin care habits, nutrition, sun exposure and more that add up to an unfavorable complexion. Though a couple smart makeup products can offer immediate illusions of improved skin health, there is one major idea to keep in mind. Most important, no matter what condition the skin may be in from breakouts to flaky dry patches, enviable radiant skin starts from underneath the visible surface. Concealing a grey overcast or uneven texture is a tedious task that can be eased but by prepping skin first with a boosting treatment to limit adverse results of environmental factors contributing to dullness. Discover the best skincare products for reviving dull skin by clicking the photo above.
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Thanks To Per-fekt Beauty It’s Possible To Have Per-fekt Skin For The Holidays

Is your moisturiser drying out your skin? It sounds crazy but experts now believe skin lotions can do more harm than good

Richard Anderson , creator of per-fekt Beauty makes it possible to easily make a striking impression at all the holiday gatherings for work, family and friends with the following must-have products: Skin Perfection Conceal is a must-have for attaining a beautiful, flawless complexion! It goes on very light and creamy on skin, covers skin’s imperfections such as pores, fine lines, age spots, sun damage, acne and redness. It looks natural and not cakey or overdone, so your skin looks beautiful all day and all night long. What’s wonderful about this concealer is that it works great for face and under eye area. It actrually brightens skin, which is great for under the eyes to help diminish dark circles.
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per-fekt Beauty makes it possible to have per-fekt skin for the holidays, and any day!

We don’t have a moisturiser, though we do have a comfort cream. It serves no purpose other than giving people the psychological reassurance that they’ve moisturised.’ So if moisturiser is not the answer, what is? If left to its own devices, your skin recovers most of its ability to moisturise itself after a few weeks of feeling dry and tight. If left to its own devices, your skin recovers most of its ability to moisturise itself after a few weeks of feeling dry and tight Mr Inglefield recommends a specialised – and costly – course of treatment involving glycolic peels that encourages skin cells to renew themselves and produce more moisture, as well as ‘cosmeceutical’ products (cosmetics with active ingredients purporting to have drug-like benefits) such as Skinceuticals Hydrating B5. ‘Unlike most moisturisers, which just sit on top of the skin and stop water escaping, this contains ingredients which encourage the skin to replenish its own natural moisture,’ he says. However, an eight-year study funded by skincare brand Olay and published in the British Journal of Dermatology showed that keeping skin hydrated kept wrinkles at bay.
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The Best Skin Firming Body Lotions

Helena Rubinstein Prodigy The editors at “Shape” magazine picked the Prodigy firming cream as one of the best skin care products available. They gave it top marks for its efficacious incorporation of ceramics and vitamins, saying these help to firm and tighten the skin to reduce wrinkles and other signs of sagging. Additional beneficial ingredients include antioxidants like vitamin E, which can help combat further skin damage that may lead to more sagging. Fruits & Passion Shea Hand Butter For firming and tightening the skin on your hands to restore their youthfulness, the editors of “Good Housekeeping” magazine recommend Fruits & Passion’s hand cream. They say it will immediately firm up your skin’s appearance using a combination of humectants and emollients. It’s formulated with antioxidant-rich olive extract, natural moisturizers like shea butter and carrot extract.
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Essential Oils For Beautiful Skin

Most beauty regimens involve essential oils in tiny amounts, usually diluted in a vegetable oil or cream with other natural and synthetic ingredients. In these forms, essential oils are being used more for fragrance and marketing than for their therapeutic properties. In fact, most of the oils in commercial health and beauty products hardly have medicinal or therapeutic properties – they are grown and processed in such a rapid way that the healing potential of the plants is lost. Pure, properly-derived essential oils require a slower, more arduous process and yield a smaller volume of product – but quality essential oils are able to provide concentrated oxygen and nutrients to the skin that is almost impossible to get from other sources. If youre using therapeutic-grade, organic essential oils, you can put the oils directly onto your skin, or dilute them with a carrier oil for easier application. Some of the most popular essential oils to restore skins health and beauty include: Clary Sage Clary sage contains plant chemicals which are very similar to human hormones and act as hormone precursors – the human body can convert them to whatever it needs at the time. Clary sage is helpful to skin where there is a hormonal imbalance acting in concert with a skin issue.
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Minerals for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Minerals for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

And of course, your energy level will be less than desirable. Sleep: Its the best-kept skin care secret there is! 4. Sunlight: Ten to 15 minutes of unprotected exposure to sunlight several times a week is essential to the health of your bones and skin. It helps your body absorb calcium, due to the skins ability to convert the suns rays into vitamin D. Sun exposure helps heal eczema, psoriasis, and acne, and energizes your body. Plus those warm rays just make you feel good all over.
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5 Rituals for Beautiful Skin

3-D Printing Ocean Reefs Might Save Ecosystems (No, Really)

Most people who are deficient of the mineral suffer from acne. This mineral clears the overproduced oil on one`s skin. Zinc has been known to help clear acne ridden skin faster. Food such as poultry, lean meat and oysters are zinc rich. Another mineral that cures acne is chronium. To get the appropriate amounts of this mineral, individuals should take supplements that contain either chronium polynicotinate or picolinate. Chronium in food is not easily absorbed; most people are deficient of this mineral.
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Best Skin Care: What’s In That Cream You’re Putting On Your Face?


Antioxidants are the weapons of defense. Certain Botanicals are used for their antioxidant properties. Botanical antioxidants include Rutin, found in apples and blueberries, Lutein, found in tomatoes and Carotenoids, which are chemically related to vitamin A. There are many other botanical antioxidants or combinations thereof, found in different facial creams , which are also effective. Soybeans are a rich source of another antioxidant family, Flavonoids. Some of the cutaneous effects of soy have been linked to its estrogenic effect in postmenopausal women.
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Mark Hyman, MD

While industry figures are secrets more closely guarded than a woman’s age, it is estimated that Lauder spent as much as $2 million in the first month to promote its new line. Revlon has also advertised heavily. The basic Lauder line, containing four or five different products, retails for a minimum of $35 to $50. Similarly, the Avon line sells for $31 because, a company spokesman said, ”This is an upscale skincare line.” Revlon sells its lotions and creams as individual items, with a 1 1/8-ounce jar priced at $6.50. Whether one collagen product is more equal than others is a source of dispute. Revlon says its collagen is the costliest, while Estee Lauder asserts that its is ”completely different from anything else on the market.” All three manufacturers say that their new lines drew excellent consumer response. Scientific ‘System’ What most of the new product lines share is an emphasis on a scientific, systematic ”program” of skin care. The complete programs contain three or four categories of skin-care products that, depending on their ingredients and copywriters, promise to cleanse, refine, ”energize,” protect, moisturize or ”nourish” when used twice daily.
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New Report Available: Skin Care in Cameroon

Forecasts to 2017 illustrate how the market is set to change. Product coverage: Body Care, Facial Care, Hand Care. Data coverage: market sizes (historic and forecasts), company shares, brand shares and distribution data. Reasons to Get this Report * Get a detailed picture of the Skin Care market; * Pinpoint growth sectors and identify factors driving change; * Understand the competitive environment, the market’s major players and leading brands; * Use five-year forecasts to assess how the market is predicted to develop. Euromonitor International has over 40 years’ experience of publishing market research reports, business reference books and online information systems.
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Shiseido To Sell Skin Care Brands to L’Oréal

The beauty giants are currently negotiating the terms and conditions of the sale, and the deal is subject to standard closing adjustments. Decleor and Carita brands are part of the Shiseido Professional Division and provide skin care products and services to professional and retail channels mainly in Europe. According to LOreal, the Decleor/Carita group had sales of approximately 100 million in 2012, which made it the No. 2 player in the global professional skin care market, which includes beauty salons, spas and salons. This project presents a tremendous opportunity for our division, which will thus make a major move in this strategic market for professional beauty very complementary circuit the hairstyle, said An Verhulst-Santos, general manager of the Professional Products Division of LOreal, in a statement. Decleor and Carita are two fine brands that occupy a place in the salons, particularly in Western Europe. Development prospects, especially internationally, are very promising. Both Carita International S.A. and Laboratories Decleor S.A.S.
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Xfacio Labs Comments On Vitamin C And Skin Care

Company spokesperson Mia Kantor stated “There are other Vitamin C Serums being sold today but in our expert opinion, not one of them can hold a candle to the Advanced Vitamin C Serum that Xfacio Labs has formulated. Our proprietary formula beats them all hands down in every respect.” Ms Kantor went on to say that “This Advanced Vitamin C Serum should be the first product that a woman or man should be utilizing in the morning as part of their daily skin care regimen. It is the basis or the foundation for great skin care, and for the repair and restoration of your skin. If I could only have one skin care product in the world, this would be it. This Vitamin C Serum also works very well with our High Potency Anti Aging Serum, as part of a daily regimen, accelerating the results that people are seeing from using that wonderful product.” Xfacio Labs products are sold exclusively on Amazon. A full range of anti aging skin products is expected to be released shortly from Xfacio Labs. About Xfacio Labs Xfacio Labs is dedicated to providing and bringing the best possible and highest quality skin care products to the market for women. Using as much natural and organic ingredients as possible, Xfacio Labs has formulated an advanced skin care line for women that is both gentle and effective.
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Try Cracker Facial This Diwali

Got Itchy Skin? Here’s What Might Be Causing It

Cracker facial, a two-hour relaxing treatment, includes the following steps: – The protein therapy: It’s given keeping in mind various skin problems like tanning, blemishes and patchy skin. – Massage: A 10 to 15 minutes gold gel massage is given to rejuvenate the skin. – Pack: Chocolate pack is applied on those with dry skin and gold for oily skin. The price ranges between Rs.3,100 and Rs.5,000. To maintain the glow, moisturise your skin on a daily basis. The effect of the facial, available at Aashmeen Munjaal’s Star Salon and Aashmeen Munjaal’s Empire of Makeovers in the capital, will last up to a month if taken care of regularly. IANS
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Tips to lighten thighs and underarms

Scratch. Yet, that prickly, tingling sensation kept getting more and more agitating, to the point where ripping your eyeballs out would have seemed a welcome distraction. For some eczema sufferers, that hellish circumstance can be part of everyday life. Except unlike the chicken pox or poison ivy, many sufferers are uncomfortably stuck: Science hasn’t pinpointed exactly why one to three percent of the adult population has eczema, nor does it have a cure for the skin disease. Perhaps most frustrating of all, the relief that any eczema solution provides for a patient can suddenly cease to work at any given time – taking the sufferer back to a state of needling, not-sure-what-to-do-about-it flare-ups. As if all that skin irritation shrouded in uncertainty weren’t enough, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) reports that atopic dermatitis (the type of eczema that generally lasts into adulthood) is more common today than it was 30 years ago. RELATED: 6 Pro Tips For PERFECT Skin Here’s what we do know: Atopic dermatitis, like all types of eczema, is characterized by patchy, flaky, dry, itchy, and inflamed skin.
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Honey moisturises and softens the skin. Armpits Another problem area are armpits, which can also become dark. This happens mainly due to shaving or the use of hair removal creams. Both these methods can cause the skin to darken. Shaving does not remove hair by the roots. The hair growth also becomes harder, thicker and coarser, leading to a dark look.
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