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Dr. Benabio recommends using disposable sponges whenever possible, since so many of us forget to regularly clean our brushes (guilty!). “People don’t think about the bacteria that can lurk on them,” he warns. Flickr photo by Jorg Weingrill Moisturizer No surprise here — products meant to hydrate your skin are full of, you guessed it, water. The more water in a product, the better chance bacteria have of breeding and surviving, according to Discovery Health. Lipstick Or Gloss The water content in wet lip products ups the risk of spreading germs, so Good Housekeeping recommends tossing after two years.
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7 Smart skincare products to revive dull skin

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Harmsworth is the creator of ESPA and had just traveled from The Joule , which is home to the first ESPA branded spa in Texas. The former Vogue magazine writer chatted about the launch of a few ESPA products. Her vision is simple, quality products that are natural and deliver excellent results. Sue Harmsworth travels the world to far lands to learn about new cutting edge treatments she can use in her luxurious spas. I was giving a few products at the breakfast, including a bottle of ESPA Optimal Skin Proserum ($85).
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Pregnant or nursing women should not use products containing salicylic acid. Hydroquinone Skin care products containing hydroquinone are often called bleaching creams or lightening agents. These skin care products are used to lighten hyperpigmentation , such as age spots and dark spots related to pregnancy or hormone therapy (also called melasma). Some over-the-counter skin care products contain hydroquinone. Your doctor can also prescribe a product with a higher concentration of hydroquinone if your skin doesn’t respond to over-the-counter treatments. If you are allergic to hydroquinones, you can use products containing kojic acid instead. Pregnant women cannot use hydroquinone. Kojic Acid Kojic acid is a more recent remedy for treating pigment problems and age spots.
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Understanding Skin Care Products

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View the List View all 7 photos Think of the skin as layers of complexities rather than just a topical surface. It takes many moments including a blend of stress, daily skin care habits, nutrition, sun exposure and more that add up to an unfavorable complexion. Though a couple smart makeup products can offer immediate illusions of improved skin health, there is one major idea to keep in mind. Most important, no matter what condition the skin may be in from breakouts to flaky dry patches, enviable radiant skin starts from underneath the visible surface. Concealing a grey overcast or uneven texture is a tedious task that can be eased but by prepping skin first with a boosting treatment to limit adverse results of environmental factors contributing to dullness. Discover the best skincare products for reviving dull skin by clicking the photo above.
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