Designer Bracelet Promises To Prevent Sun-fried Skin

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The new June Bracelet, which hits the market in about five months, promises protection against UV rays, sun damage and premature skin aging. The idea here is that as you wear the elegantly styled gadget designed by Louis Vuitton and Harry Winston collaborator Camille Toupet a gem-like sensor tracks sun exposure in real time. It syncs its findings to an app on your smartphone and gives advice about how much sunscreen to apply and whether it might be time to cover up with a hat and shades. Recommended: 12 Ways to Get Your Vitamin D Dr. Barney Kenet , a New York City dermatologist,likes the idea of the bracelet because he said anything that brings more awareness to sun exposure is a good idea. But he has reservations. The bracelet would need to take into account different skin types, since fair-skinned people need more protection than darker skinned, he said. I also have concerns about relying on a device when the emphasis should be on developing good skin care habits. Kenet also points out that vigilant sun protection should be an all-year-round endeavor.
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However, dry and cold temperatures make it more of a necessity compared to other times of the year. Even those with oily skin types find they need extra hydration during the winter months. In terms of retaining moisture in the skin, humectants such as sodium hyaluronate (sodium salt of hyaluronic acid) are especially helpful. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body and it’s plentiful in younger skin. As the skin ages, the levels of this substance naturally decline – leaving behind less moisture and eventually, wrinkles.
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Find your glow with the right products for your skin type. Bar Soap and Liquid Cleansers Most bar soaps are too harsh to use on your face because they contain ingredients that may irritate and dry the skin. Liquid facial cleansers or foaming products are less harsh. Some even moisturize your face as they clean. Aesthetic dermatologist Amy Derick, MD, advises women to use a liquid facial cleanser containing ceramides, lipids that help skin retain moisture. If you insist on bar soap, avoid soaps with sodium lauryl sulfate which can dry skin. Instead, look for moisturizing soaps with ingredients such as glycerin and plant-based oils.
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